The need for car insurance agents in India, even in this digital age

The need for car insurance agents in India, even in this digital age

Changing times

In the current digital world, more and more jobs are moving online. These days we just don’t have computers, but mobile computing devices such as mobiles and laptops. We are connected to the internet 24/7. This results in a transition in some kinds of business – the insurance industry is one of them. In the car insurance industry in India, the whole process of choosing your insurance has become easier and shifted to the internet. Most Indian insurance shoppers shop for their insurance products and services online.

So this begs the question – when most people are buying their insurance online do we still need a car insurance agent? When everyone can easily access the internet do we really use for a car insurance agent?

The Need for Agents

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! As connected as the world may be there is still a need for a car insurance agent in your life. In fact, this role is even more required in today’s world. Agents are still a very reliable way of buying car insurance. People may be making use of the internet to do their research but they still heavily rely on car insurance agents. Auto insurance is a complex service to understand and only a human operator can actually explain the all of it to you. Human contact is the most important thing when making a transaction. Direct contact is the most important equation in a transaction.

Digital vs Human Interaction

An insurance scheme has many aspects such as deductibles, coverage etc. that need to be explained from an expert. Along with add-on options and discounts and other such components, it becomes tricky to choose your insurance without help. As informative as an online experience might be it is just not as interactive as it should be. Technology will take a few years to replace human agents completely. This is the reason a car insurance agent is so important.

You may start your research online but you end it only with advice from someone who works in the insurance industry. These agents are quite knowledgeable, give sound advice and help you make a decisive action. You may ensure if you have a good policy or ask any other pressing questions to the agent. They are also best-placed to inform you about any new discounts or any new offers.

A good car insurance agent will completely understand his/ her customer. Maybe there should be a proper nexus between agents and technology. More agents should get online and make the experience seamless for the consumer. They should be easily accessible through insurance websites online. Today’s tech actually should empower car insurance agents in India so they can provide superlative service to their clients.

In conclusion

Agents have the strength to leverage their vast experience of consumer needs. Maybe they should be available through online communication as more and more Indians are using their phones to solve their queries. Agents just need to know how the consumers are using the internet and use it to their advantage.

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