Secure your family’s financial future at an affordable cost with Bajaj Allianz iSecure plan

Secure your family’s financial future at an affordable cost with Bajaj Allianz iSecure plan

We live in a volatile time where nothing, including your own life, is guaranteed. Buying a life insurance is the only way by which you can safeguard yourself as well as your family members against the unforeseen and unknown. Insurance is essentially a pact between the insurer and the insured where the latter pays a regular premium in lieu of which the former provides a financial cover in case of any uncertainty. You should always aim for a reliable and trustworthy insurance company which can offer different plans based on your needs.

Hereby presenting before you, the Bajaj Allianz iSecure level term cover that can secure you’re as well as your family future needs at a very affordable cost.

About Bajaj Allianz iSecure plan

This is one of the simplest and basic yet most important policy covers that you can purchase for yourself and your family. It provides a financial cover to you for the duration of the policy as agreed upon while buying it. The policy is active till the insured archives the age limit opted for, after which it ceases to be active. In the case of the death of the insured within the term of the policy, the nominee is liable to get the policy benefits from the insurance company.

Types of Bajaj Allianz iSecure policy covers

Bajaj Allianz offers two types of policy covers with an aim to cover maximum people with differing needs:

Annual Renewable Term Insurance Plan : As the name suggests, this gives a cover only for one year at a time after which you will have to renew it. The premium charged is extremely low initially but may rise along with your age.

Level Premium Term Insurance Plan : This is another very popular type of insurance coverage that can be purchased at once for a certain duration of time. Generally, the terms available are 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years etc. You can select any plan depending on your entry age and your needs. In this category, you pay a fixed premium every year for the term of your policy.

How does a plan work?

The plan is designed in such a way that you get the best features at an affordable cost. Besides this you can customize the plan as per your needs by following the below steps :

Step 1 : You can select a plan for yourself or a joint plan with your spouse. In case you get married at a later stage, there is a provision to include your wife in the plan at a later stage

Step 2 : The next step is to choose the amount of coverage based on your need and preference. Higher the amount, higher will be the cover and more will be the premium

Step 3 : You can then choose your term of the policy and the payment frequency. This can be easily altered to suit your financial needs thereby making it affordable.

Step 4 : You can select your lifestyle like Non-Smoker or Smoker in case the sum assured is Rs 20,00,000

Features and Benefits

The benefits of this plans can be categorized under three heads :

Tax Benefits : Premium paid is exempted for tax benefits under section 80 C. Additionally, death benefits are also eligible under Section 10 (10 D) of Income Tax.

Individual Life Benefits : In the case of an unfortunate event of the death of the insured, benefits equal to the sum assured will be paid to nominee provided all the premiums are paid till date. The policy will cease to operate with immediate effect.

Joint Life Benefits : The benefits are payable on the death of each life till the time policy is active. In the case of death of any one member, the policy will continue to be active on the surviving life.

With the increasing life span, it makes sense to make provision to lead your life with a high sense of comfort and safety. It is true that no one has seen the future but you have the power of present to secure your future. Bajaj Allianz iSecure plan empowers you to secure the financial future of yourself as well as your family at a minimum price.

Disclaimer !

This is to inform that do not charge any fees/security deposit/advances towards outsourcing any of its activities. All stake holders are cautioned against any such fraud.