SBI Health Insurance : The largest bank offers the best health coverage

SBI Health Insurance : The largest bank offers the best health coverage

Palash was an old-fashioned investor. He liked personally going down to the bank and completing the transactions himself. He did not trust the digital space too much and he also had very little faith in the newer financial institutes who promised to have newer and more technologically advanced products. So when Palash had to buy a health insurance plan, he decided to trust no one but the ever reputed SBI brand. He took a quick look at the SBI health plans and bought the policy he liked the most.

State Bank of India truly is the banker to every Indian. It has been in service for decades and catered to all the financial needs of its clients. And now with the insurance plans being available with SBI, the going has become even simple for the insurance seekers. In this article we talk about the features that make the SBI health plans stand out. Take a look.

Is health insurance necessary?

In one word, yes. Health insurance is not only necessary, it is vital! In today’s day and age, where stress, pollution, erratic lifestyle choices and improper food habits prevail, you are exposed to the risk of contracting many serious illnesses. The risk is actually much higher than what it used to be a few years back. Therefore, buying a good health insurance plan is mandatory.

Group health plan v/s individual health plan

A majority of the employers in India provide group health insurance coverage to the employees. So if you are employed, in all probability, you already have a basic health insurance cover. But is that cover sufficient? Perhaps it is not. The group health plans provide a limited amount of coverage while with an individual plan you can opt for a higher coverage, keeping the health requirements of your entire family in mind. So even if you have a group plan in place, make sure you buy a larger, comprehensive health insurance from a reputed insurer like SBI right away.

Trustworthiness of SBI health insurance

Like mentioned above, the SBI brand name carries a lot of weight in India. SBI owns the major hold of 74% in the partnership. The insurance plans from SBI General are available at most of the SBI branches and online as well, making it simpler for you to obtain the health insurance policies.

The best SBI health insurance plans

So now that you know how important it is to have a good health plan in place and you also know a little more about one of the best insurance providers, let us take a quick look at the health policies on offer from SBI :

  • Basic health insurance plan : This is a basic, no-nonsense health insurance plan from SBI. The plan offers wide coverage options, ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakhs. You can buy this plan for your whole family. Some of the best features of this plan are day care coverage, no medical tests for people under the age of 65 and the availability of cashless hospitalisation facilities.
  • Arogya Premier Policy : This is a truly unique health insurance plan from SBI. Apart from providing a high sum insured, the policy also pays for a large range of medical treatments. This means that if you opt for an alternative type of medical treatment, such as ayurveda or homeopathy, you can make a successful claim. Of course, the claims can be made for all the regular allopathic medical expenses too. This plan provides a large cover and you can buy it for all the members of your family too.
  • Hospital Daily Cash Insurance Policy : This is an extremely beneficial health plan from SBI. It assists you with a fixed sum of money for every day that you spend in the hospital. This is hugely beneficial as with the rising hospital charges, it is very difficult to seek proper healthcare unless you have a good health plan in place. Once you buy the Hospital Daily Cash Insurance Policy from SBI, you can stop worrying about arranging the funds to pay for a premier hospital bed.


So as you can see, health insurance is an absolute necessity these days. So if you still have not covered your own health or the health of your loved ones, do so immediately. Take a look at the wonderful health insurance plans from SBI and you will surely be able to find a great policy that caters to all your needs.

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